Sunday, January 27, 2013

Get $#%#@! fast plan.

Kim made a schedule for her and Rachel about a month ago and I sort of just joined in on the fun a few weeks ago.   It's been going well and I guess I do better with running if someone tells me "Do this!"  I suck at making a schedule and I also suck and just winging it so I'm officially part of the "Get @#$@%^#$ Fast Plan!"  

As you can see, this include speed work.   Something that is so foreign to me.   I'm working on it, but I'm not fast.   I'm mediocre at best and I would love to change that.   Here's hoping! 

My long run went great today.   I had 7 on the schedule and we are supposed to get an ice storm later today so I opted to hit it up outside since it has been a while and probably will be a while after today.  

The sidewalks were slippery and a lot of people hadn't properly taken care of their sidewalks after the snow we had a couple days ago so it was a bit of a challenge at times but breathing the fresh air was amazing.   The entire time I felt pretty awesome even with a bit of knee pain toward the end, I didn't want to let up running.   I also have to give some props to Mike.   He got me a pretty pink Ipod Nano for Christmas and I used it for the second time today and I'm in love.  It made my run that much more enjoyable. 

 Thanks lover. (FYI I found out he reads my least he did one day and then repeated a bunch of stuff to me...I almost died)

I'm officially moving locations at work this week.   I'm sad to leave where I am comfortable but this location gives a lot more opportunity for learning.   I will not work directly with any supervisor and I pretty much am in charge of all up front services all on my own.   I'm a bit nervous!   I'm hoping to get back to my original location after a month or so since this location is a good amount further from my home.    Here's to embracing change! 

If the roads aren't too bad tonight, I hope to get to hot yoga.   I had to miss out last week and I miss it!  I also plan on making a huge pot of veggie and bean chilli today to heat up for lunch all week long too.   It's my absolute favorite and I need to share the recipe I use for it.   

I hope you have an amazing Sunday!


  1. Ugh I'm off the fucking fast wagon. I'm on the wine and fatty desserts wagon instead. Get after it, Sarah!!!

  2. Ahh crap you just reminded me I bought a groupon for a new hot yoga place only a mile away and I need to get on it. Thanks! Speed work still scares me. I've been doing it for years and it remains terrifying. But it sure feels good when the results pay off at the finish line! Good luck at the new location.

  3. yeaaaahhhh, i'm gonna need this plan.....