Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Its my last year in the 25-29 age group.

Today is my birthday.   I am officially in the last year of my 20's and am as disgusted with it as I thought I would be.   I can remember back to when I was a child and my parents were in their 30's and they were so old

Now that's going to be me. 

This year I want to run with more purpose.   I feel like I just run to run.  Junk miles some would say. 

I want to run with determination.  If only I could have an ounce of her determination.    She lost her shoe at the very start of the race and still managed to get 3rd.   She.Is.Amazing.  This will forever be one of my favorite pictures ever. 

This year I will be more balanced and stick with it.   I am taking yoga, doing weight training and taking spin classes.   I am already seeing improvements and that is always the best motivation. 

I am going to continue to make my life less dependent on things that aren't good for me.   This does not include beer.   I think beer is a great source of vitamin fun.

Less fast food.   It's so easy and so delicious.   I am so much better at this but I could still use improvement against those fries.   They call my name every single time.

I'm the one that was only invited because I was their sister.

That's my list for the year.   I want to turn back the clock a little so I can keep looking like I'm in my 20's another few years at least.  


  1. Dude you look 19 now, you're golden I'd say.

  2. Agree with Falon. You'll start to look 30 when you hit 45.

  3. Enjoy it as the competition only gets tougher!! I only have 2 races until I move up in age groups :(

    Let's have some vitamin fun soon...maybe followed be a sweaty workout!

  4. Happy Birthday Sarah! I'm pretty sure you probably still get carded so no worries about looking like you are anywhere close to 30.

  5. Happy Birthday!!
    Beer is vitamin fun<--------best statement ever!

  6. Happy birthday, Sarah!! Enjoying being 29, but your 30s will be really great, too. :)

    OMG. McDonald's birthday parties. Does anyone still have those? So fun!

  7. I'm behind the times but happy birthday! 29 is a pretty scary birthday because everything is your "last" time in your 20s, I definitely felt the pressure! But now I'm staring down 30 and that's much more frightening!