Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I ate Wednesday

I started the day off right.   I was short on time and I had to get to work so I was banking on a protein smoothie from the store since I had to stop there anyway.   The thing I found though is that there is a lot of fruit in that smoothie so I was sort of turned off by that.   I probably wont get one again because of that reason but I did drink it and it was delicious.   Here is what I brought to work with me.   I didn't end up eating the banana because of all the fruit in the smoothie.    The wrap was a veggie wrap.

I also bought a Starbucks Refresher.   I love these things.

After work (2pm) I was famished and quickly scarfed down these:

At 4pm I was hungry again so I had some peanuts.

Then there was the Monthly Fleet Feet/Pace Setters Pub Run.   Kim, Matt, and Alicia were all there so it was a lot of fun.   Fun involves beer and food so here is what I ate and drank there:

1 lone beer.   I didn't have time for 2.

Nacho Nacho Man! I want to be your Nacho Man!

There was a taco there at one point.  

So....honestly this isn't a 100% typical day.    I sort of ate around the fact that I would be running at 6pm and then let all hell break loose after I ran.    My motto is  "Eat like you ran 26.2 miles" at all times.   It all will balance out in life. 

Shout out to Greene's Pour House.   It was a new location for the monthly pub run and they did a great job.   I don't think anyone can complain with FREE beer and FREE food.   


  1. Free beer and free food are the perfect end to any day! The veggie wrap sounds really good.

  2. I'm just curious what you have against fruit. Is it the sugar? It might not have been a typical day, but it seems like a great day!!

  3. That is the most inspirational motto I have ever heard and I am adopting it from this moment forward. I love What I Ate Wednesday from actual real people, I should do one again!

  4. Agree, those bottled green drinks have a dash of something other than fruit, but when I'm in a hurry or on the road, it's better than nothing. Never seen those Qrunch burgers before. Have to keep my eye out for those!