Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why write a blog if you can't create your own content?

As a blogger, I often check where my hits come from.   I get a lot of people that will make one of my recipes, take their own pictures and put the link of my blog to credit me for the recipe.   Usually I don't have an issue with this.  

Sometimes I will get an email to ask for permission to use my recipe.   Sometimes I don't.   I always appreciate the email and have yet to tell anyone no to using my recipes on their blog.   I'm sure there are many times that people have used a recipe from my blog and given me no credit at all and I have no clue it's even out there.  

That's on them though.  

Recently, I had a hit from a site that I had not seen before.  I went to check it out and found one of my recipes.   It's by far the most popular post on my blog.   It was the Almond Sheet Cake.   Once I found the post featuring this recipe, it bothered me instantly.   She used my picture.   No proof of her even making this recipe.    She also straight up copy and pasted my entire recipe onto her blog.   She did no work on her post at all.   She stole my picture, that I took with my expensive camera.   She took my typing, that I took time to type out and basically took my entire post (Minus my funny jokes.  No?) and put it as her own.   So it got me wondering and I started to copy and paste some of her other posts into Google to see if she took other peoples pictures and posts as well.  

Sure enough!   Straight up copy and pasted from other peoples websites and used their pictures as well!   What was worse is that on most of those posts, she gave NO credit at all so these people probably have no idea that she is taking their content.  

I tried to find a contact button but there wasn't one so I had to leave a comment that was to be "Approved" before it was published.   I explained to her how I felt.   I explained that there is etiquette when it comes to using recipes from other blogs.  I also explained to her that what she did could actually land her a lawsuit.   Was I planning on suing her?  Absolutely not.

I asked her to please take the post down with my pictures as well.   I wasn't mean in my post to her, but I really did want her to understand how much work each blogger puts into their posts and what she was doing is simply unfair.  

When I make a recipe, it takes me hours to get one post out of it.   I first have to buy all of the ingredients.   I have to do a trial and error often times to get the recipe just right.   Once I cook it up, I usually take step by step pictures.    This makes the process of making it 3 times longer because often times my hands are dirty from either cutting meat, dicing onions or mushing things with my hands so with each step I have to stop, wash my hands, dry them, take a picture and then start the process all over again.   Then once it's done cooking, I have to take the pictures of the finished product.   This is a long process in it's own! 

The lighting has to be perfect.   The food has to look just right.   If you want your food to be featured on any other website, it has to be nearly perfect.   

In the end, she did take the post off of her website within 24 hours of me sending her the comment. 

All of my favorite blogs are my favorite because they are original.   They have a person behind them that I can sense through their writing.   They aren't generic just to get followers.   They aren't a cult.    I like some funny content as well.   I like my blogs just like I like my people in real life.   I like them real.  

I know that you're supposed to have a "brand" if you want success with your blog but my "Brand" is me.   I belch like no one else, I swear, I run, I blow snot rockets constantly if I run outside, I drink beer, I care about how I look, I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a friend,  I will help anyone out that needs help, I like random acts of kindness, I am an idiot sometimes,  I'm a giant, etc etc etc.   The list could go on and on.  

In no way would I consider my blog "successful" but I have found some completely and totally fun and awesome people through blogging and I call that a success in its own.   Does Pioneer Woman know who I am?  No.   Does SUAR have any clue that I have a blog?  Absolutely not.   But that isn't what matters in the end.    What matters is that I stay true to who I am, and continue to come up with original posts that maybe 3 people read (Hi mom!) 

Maybe some day Google will have to cut me a check for all this great content. 


  1. I think you have every right to be angry, what that blogger did was stealing. I'm glad she took the information down after you contacted her!

  2. Wow! I can't believe someone just copied and pasted with no effort whatsoever. And then didn't credit you. That's terrible! I'm glad she took it down and good for you for reaching out to her to tell her that what she was doing was wrong. I loved what you wrote about liking your blogs the way you like your people: real. That's how I feel, too. Since I love all things almond, I am going to click on that recipe and see if I can pull it off. :)

  3. That's some major BS and I for one find your jokes funny, in fact I started reading your blog because I thought your comments on my blog/other blogs were funny! What a bitch. True story - one time this guy I used to "date" FB messaged me out of the blue to tell me my pictures were on a dating website. Someone had stolen FB pics and made a dating profile using them saying I was a bisexual hispanic woman. My family and I flagged them and tried to get them taken down for weeks until finally my stepfather who is a professional photographer helped me word an email threatening to sue for copyright infringement and they were down within half an hour. The internet be crazy! But you definitely need to have Mike take pics or train one of your kids to take pics to help you out. Also I almost couldn't even comment because now I want that cake so bad.

  4. Dude what a skanker!!! If I ever talk about recipes on my site (which I often do), I never actually re-post them, I just include a link to the original site of the blogger that made them. They made the shit in the first place, credit or not I want people to see THEIR awesome sites because that food bloggin business is really involved/awesome. PS: Your cake is making me drool.

  5. I wish there was a way to put out the word to the other's people items she stole!! She deserves to feel their wrath too :)

  6. What the hell is wrong with people? I mean it's bad enough to do this but to not attribute or credit the original blogger PLUS steal pictures. UGH. Ridiculous.

  7. That sucks that she does that and thinks it's acceptable. Glad she at least took down your post. I assume none of the other bloggers know she stole their content.

    I've always enjoyed reading your blog posts and I couldn't agree with you more about being interested in reading blogs that seem genuine. I've stopped reading several that sound like they are writing to impress a certain audience or all they write are reviews. That gets old after awhile.

  8. what a beesh!!! glad she took it down and good for you for calling her out!

  9. Hi- just want you to know I love your blog and look forward to reading it. Love your sense of humor! That sucks that someone would poach your hard work word for word without credit. Glad she took it down, did she take down all the others too????

    You go girl!

  10. That just blows my mind. Things like that make you wonder what someone was thinking.

  11. That really sucks. Don't they make pinterest for stuff like this? Now that i saw this though, i am totally going to make that cake, god damn you.

  12. I love all your creative content, and google should totally cut you a check! Sorry this happened, and I'm glad she took it down. You should think of it as compliment, though. ;)

    Still, so lame that people think it's ok to do this shit. :(

  13. That's crazy Sarah!!!! I can't even imagine having someone do that to me. Ive had people use my recipes, and I've posted theirs, but with crediting me/them!!! and using my own pics/they use their own pics! I think you have every right to be upset!!!!

  14. I'm going to steal all of your recipes, but make little changes to make them shitty, and then credit you. I'll take your empire down, one burned sheetcake at a time.

    Seriously though, that sucks. What a whore.