Monday, February 18, 2013

All the things I've missed....

I've been missing.   I was still able to sort of stalk but my computer broke.   Actually Mike broke my computer.   He went to answer the phone for me and then proceeded to drop the computer on the ground and bust the tip off of the charger.   I saw it all happen and I pretty much just shrugged my shoulders because I've been responsible for the death of 3 computers over the past 6 years or so.  It's about time I have a little but of leverage when it comes to the computer talk. 

Valentines came.   Mike's so in love with me he got me this:

Best present ever.   Honestly though, I didn't want chocolates only because I ended up eating that box in 3 days flat.   Mike isn't stupid though.   My dad got all three of us girls a heart shaped box of chocolates every.single.year growing up.   I looked forward to them each Valentines morning.  Then along came the childish age of 18 and I get married.   Mike has to take over this tradition.  There was one year when we lived in Oklahoma and he didn't get me a heart shaped box of chocolates.  It just so happened that my sister and her boyfriend at the time were visiting us.   He didn't get her a heart shaped box of chocolates either.   I cried.   Like really.   To be fair, I was pregnant. 

The guys were soooo in the dog house so they ended up locking me and my sister in the bedroom for 3 fricken hours while we could hear them using tons of tape out in the living room.   They ended up making us heart shaped boxes of chocolates because Walmart was all sold out down there.  It might be the most memorable Valentines day ever.   The end.

In other news, running is going.   I'm making most of my training runs but it's cold here.   Really cold.  I'm so sick of it. 

It makes it really hard to get longer runs in because I am sort of stuck to the treadmill.  I did manage to get a 10 mile run in tonight because the temps were pretty great (37) but it's so icy and slushy that my feet were constantly getting fresh ice water on them.    My right knee also is having IT band issues again.   Last year it was my left knee and now this year is my right knee.   Maybe if I keep running other year, it'll end up being my ass hole hurting.

With the lack of a computer, I was able to watch more quality television.   Anyone else love this show?

Rosanne is so dang ghetto and old but I absolutely love this show.   It still makes me laugh.


  1. Seriously, the roseanne show is like a documentary of my life. LOVE IT. I also am impressed by your new glarus valentine - that would win my heart any day :)

  2. Did you just write ass hole on your blog? I think an angel just got its wings.

  3. LOL! asshole :) although IT band pain is not fun at all! I'm having some issues with mine for the first time ever! It gives me a lot more respect for people like you who completed races in that kind of pain! Rosanne I haven't watched that show in ages. lol

    Nice Vday gift. Colin just got my chocolates.....all of which, are GONE! Lesson learned. Pick alcohol next year ;)

  4. Maybe if I keep running other year, it'll end up being my ass hole hurting.
    Rosanne is so dang ghetto and old <-------best sentences I've read today!
    Still laughing!

  5. Ha! This story about the chocolate makes me laugh. Rosanne...gosh, it's been a looong time!

  6. I ate a box like twice that big in three days. WINNER. Eric always gets me chocolates too even though I tell him not to although we did skip this year.

    Roseann is ok, but it's no Boy Meets World or anything.

  7. What a sweet story about the box of chocolates! My Daddy hasn't given Allan the responsibility of doing any of the nice things he usually does for me throughout the year and he's probably wise not to.

    Alcohol and chocolate for Valentine's sounds like a winner!