Monday, March 18, 2013

A sort of successful long run

As the title suggests, I managed to get my long run in.   Because I'm a wimp, I went to the Y and headed to the treadmill to watch 4 total episodes of Rosanne while truckin' along.  

I thought it would be great.   Although I was tired, I was happy to be at the gym and I often tell myself "You're awesome!" because I actually made it to the gym in the first place.   That's the hardest part!

After and hour, things were fine.   I always find it interesting when you have someone on the treadmill near you and you can see them looking at you over and over.  I can only assume they are wondering when I will be done running.   Today was one of those days.    Once the treadmill hit 60 minutes, it automatically goes to cool down and you have to start the thing over to start all over again.   I took that as an opportunity to refill my water bottle and stretch out the legs.   That's when I started to get more looks, when I hopped back on the treadmill and went back at it again. 

At around 7.5-8 miles in, that's when my IT band started to act up.   I can not even believe I'm going through this again like I did last year.   It's almost exactly the same time frame even.    For me, my IT band goes through phases while I run.   It hurts and then it doesn't and then it does and then it doesn't.   Eventually it will get to a point that it just simply hurts and isn't going to let up.   That happened about 10 miles in.   I tried and tried to run through it, hoping it would stop feeling like someone was taking a hammer to the side of my knee but it wouldn't give so finally I did.

I made it 11 miles.   The pace was good.   I felt good otherwise. 

Totally a mood buster. 

I literally hobbled back to the locker room and then foam rolled.   It made it slightly less painful to walk but I still could feel the pain.

I did what any reasonable adult does and went home to shower, get into sweats, Pro Compression socks and drink a beer.   I'm not supposed to take Nsaids so my choices are limited. 


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  2. I have never made it that long on a treadmill ever. I drink a lot of beer though? sounds like everyone is having knee pain lately!

  3. Sorry about your IT band bothering you. I wish there were treadmills for long distance running that didn't cut off. My friends and I used to do the elliptical during Biggest Loser and I would always get so mad when it cut off and we had to start over.

  4. Stupid IT band! I hope the pain goes away :(

  5. Nice job, Sarah! You made others on the TM jealous of your distance AND you listened to your body. :)

  6. In so many cases, alcohol is the only solution. Hope your IT band feels better!