Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I failed at WIAW even though it's Tuesday

I started off and did an excellent job of taking pictures of all of the lovely things I ate today.   Then after work I stopped at US Cellular and needed to get my phone fixed.   Lately, I can no longer hear anyone when they talk to me.  It might have something to do with the time about 3 weeks ago when I dropped my phone in soup.  

True Story

So I thought they would open it up and clean it out and find the remaining residue from the soup but instead he pretty much just gave up on my phone instantly.   He said it was two years old and that the ear piece was no good so he suggested I look for a new phone.   I really honestly wasn't planning on this and didn't want to throw down $200.00 on a new phone so he showed me one for $50.00 and I bought it.   It's very similar to what I had, just upgraded a bit and also 4g.    One of the best things?   It now has Instagram!!!   I wasn't able to download Instagram on my last phone...they say it was too old?!?

So back to WIAW.   I lost all of my pictures on my old phone now.   I would need to transfer them from the card in there and that's wayyyyy too much work for me so here is what I've eaten today:

Breakfast was 1 egg, 2 egg whites with mushrooms, green peppers, onions and salsa.

I also stopped at Starbucks on the way to work and got an unsweetened black tea lemonade.  I am pretty sure they put drugs in there drinks because I can't kick the habit. 

At work I had a PB sandwich on wheat, black berries and a seltzer water.

After work (and the phone place) I went home and had a turkey burger patty on yellow rice with more of those onions, mushrooms and green peppers on top.   It was delicious! 

I also ate a handful of skittles.   Taste the rainbow.

I had shrimp thawed so I was forced to cook it and Mike really wanted shrimp scampi so I made that and had a bowl of that.   It's a lot of butter and also I also made it with white pasta (Mike refuses to eat whole wheat) so as amazingly delicious it was, I felt guilty eating it and kept my portions in control.

I then had a pumpkin protein muffin.  Oh and 1 single shortbread cookie and about 6 more black berries.  

In other news I am on a huge spending spree.   I need to knock it off!   One of my favorite pairs of shorts is my Saucony Lux shorts.   They are insanely light weight and airy and comfortable so I ordered another pair.   The problem I have is that these are totally a different cut, even though they  are supposed to be the same shorts.  

They hang really loosely off of my butt....and look saggy I guess.    I'm sort of bummed but I will keep them anyway and probably end up wearing them all the time regardless.   They are still light as air. 

A little family fact:  Kenzie eats somewhere around 4 apples a day.   I can't keep them stocked.  

I ended the day with a quick three mile run at the Y.   Mike actually kicked me out and said everyone needed a break from me.................

I have nothing witty to say back to that, so I just went and worked out and enjoyed every minute of my family not needing and wanting me around.   Usually I feel rushed because they make me feel like they can't function without me.    


  1. Pics or it didn't happen. And are you sure you didn't eat 7 blackberries after dinner, like a fatty? Did you count exactly?

    Side note - those shorts make your legs look pretty hot. Just sayin.

  2. I love that your daughter is eating an apple in the back of the picture :) I have the opposite problem from you in that i have too much butt for most shorts, haha. :)

  3. I agree with Alyssa about the shorts.Your legs look a mile long and so fit!