Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My redeption on WIAW

Here is what I really ate Wednesday.   Since yesterday was a fail, here we go.  

I started the day with two pieces of PB toast topped with chia seeds.

Chia seeds in a flash look like bugs

I headed to work and forgot to pack anything so I was forced to stop at Walgreens and pick something up.   There really isn't much option other than a shit storm of process foods so I picked up these.

After work I didn't have time to eat :(   I went shopping instead but managed to eat these on the way to pick the kids up from school.

Unfairly, I got barely any.   My girls got in the car and stole them from me and I never saw them again.

I also picked this up....I told you guys I have a real problem.

So I came home and made dinner.    It was baked fish and roasted asparagus so I throw the asparagus and fish on a tortilla along with some salsa, cabbage and tahini dressing.   It was delicious!

Of course finished off by something sweet.

That was it until I took an 8:15 pm hot vinyasa yoga class.  I came home starving so I had some fat free cottage cheese....which I freaken know better.   My stomach instantly rumbles.   Me and dairy are not good friends.

And of course.....last but not least....

Today was the first time ever that I bought a soy vanilla latte and I must say, it was great.   I didn't know if the soy would change the flavor but with the way dairy is to my stomach, I was really curious to find out.    I'm so happy to have found a good hot drink I love at Starbucks too. 


  1. I don't know if I can love your blog anymore after you posted chia seeds and tried to pass off a banana as dessert. Tell the truth, you were picking them out of your teeth until lunchtime, weren't you?

    Forgetting to bring my lunch to work is my biggest fear ever, especially since I don't currently have an emergency lunch there.

    I don't really understand how it's physically possible to only eat two girl scout cookies. Please explain.

  2. mmmm dinner looks delish!

    I never thought to try chia seeds like that. Is it any good? I have a bag but always forget to use them in stuff and would like to incorporate them more.

    I hate those 'on the go' days where you have to scramble for food. It happens.

  3. I second the "something sweet" thing. I scrolled down and expected to see a candy bar, or in true HLB fashion, a cup of damn fro-yo. Sorely disappointed my friend.

  4. If my brain equates a banana as a sweet.....oh wait, that would never happen!! The girl scout cookie picture should have been in it's place.