Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Cathe Xtrain DVD series

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So this time for a review, I did things a bit different!   My mom is the GURU of all GURUS when it comes to workout videos.   When I told her I got the Cathe XTRAIN video series to try out, she was so jealous.   She is always looking for a new video to try so I though to myself that maybe she should review these since she truly has tried 20 times more workout videos than me.    So, here we have it!! 


I had the opportunity to trial Cathe's Xtrain workout DVD. I am an avid exerciser, but never tried any of Cathe's workouts. I was pleasantly surprised. Cathe is all business, very knowledgeable. She had excellent use of bands, and a lot of new refreshing ideas. You will feel this workouts, and she challenges you to use proper weight.   I had sore muscles for weeks.

There are 9 different workouts DVDs in this kit. I liked everyone single one of them. Some workouts are so incredibly difficult to do you dread getting out of bed to attempt them, and sometimes even sleep in instead. Cathe's workouts are very effective but are not impossible for a person to do. There is some equipment involved, but there are ways of doing the workouts without them. The equipment is minor and shouldn't hold you back from purchasing the DVD set.

 I would definitely recommend her DVDs. I have tried many others and X train videos and this is one I will have for many years. My daughter let me trial these DVDs and I will not be giving them back. (Sorry Sarah) .

 I appreciated that Cathe was all business.  Some instructors just talk too much, some tell lame jokes which when you work out avidly, you get tired of hearing. I loved her professionalism. I also like that they told you on the DVD what weights she was using, as many do not. Sarah stressed to me to also mention anything that I think could have been better about these workouts, but truthfully, I think she did a great job. I wouldn't change a thing.


The End (This is Sarah)

Anyway, my mom loved these DVD's so much that I actually bought her some of Cathe's equipment that she has on her website.   When I told my mom, she was so excited!

About the DVD's:

Cathe offers several different DVD sets on her website.    She has Xtrain, Low Impact, STS, Shock Cardio, Hard Core, Body Blast, Intensity, 4 day blast and CTX. 

Her Xtrain videos will set you back around $130.00 which is completely comparable to any other DVD set that is similar.     You can purchase it here.

You can also find all of the equipment she uses in her videos for sale on her website, which makes it easy to find what you need. 

PS.  I will be getting these DVD's back.   Sorry Mom.   This time, or maybe every time, I get the last word.

Disclaimer:  I was provided this DVD to review through FitFluential.  All opinions expressed in my blog are 100% my own or in this case my moms. 


  1. I love Cathe! I don't have Xtrain, but I have a lot of her older workouts and am 2/3 of the way through STS right now. I've never been stronger, and there's more definition in my upper body too.

  2. Woah workout DVDs cost that much? Crazy! I'll stick with the burned ones I have and free on demand workouts. That does sound like a good series though!