Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Long Run

As I posted yesterday, I was worried about getting my long run in because it's in the 30's here and it was supposed to rain all day today.   Then I got this comment on the post and I thought...
"Huh...You're right!"   I figured I would get out there anyway.

Thank you anonymous person Andrea!

Then I woke up and about an hour later, I checked out the radar and the weather gods did this.

I'm located at the number 2 (haha).   The rain is going in the direction of the arrows and the heart is the break in the rain that allowed me to run 10 miles out of the rain.   The angels were singing for me!

The miles were pretty good.   I ran straight through to mile 7 and worked on eating my fuel while running.   I always walked before so now I am sick of stopping to walk to eat my fuel of choice.   I was slightly out of breath doing it but I easily got my breathing under control once I was done eating.  

Today I tried the Honey Stinger Bite things.   OMG so good!!!   My stomach loves you so much Honey Stinger.   You are the only fuel that doesn't send me running to the bathroom!!! 

At mile 7 is when my IT band started to hurt again.   I am sooo sick of that crap.   It needs to get warmer out because it seems to not be affected as much in warmer weather!   Every mile from then out I had to stop and stretch to get the pain back down.  

Time to get back to foam rolling all the time and do more hip strengthening. 


  1. Glad you got your run in! :)


  2. Glad the weather gods were smiling on you today. :-)

  3. My pleasure! I´m glad, you had a nice run, Sarah.
    I did a short 5 Mile in a kind of a snow storm on sunday. Pretty, winter´s comming back to northern Germany...


  4. I love anonymous or not so blog commenters that leave encouragement like that. Awesome and you did it!

  5. I completely flaked out on my long run this weekend. I think the rain and time change completely took any mojo out of me.

    Way to go on getting it done!

  6. Someone was looking out for both of us this weekend!!

  7. glad it cleared up for you! great run!

  8. Yay, Anonymous! And whoa, total weather gods with that opening! Happy you got it in. Hope your IT Band feels better today!

  9. Yay, glad you were able to get your run in. Sorry about the IT band issues.

  10. Amazing! Somehow surprise good weather makes runs just a little extra special.

  11. Yay for getting out there! I'm not a big fan of running in the cold. I've been hitting the Y's indoor track the last many months. Today I got outside, though and it was lovely ~ I even had a few little flakes fall down on me...I made it back a little before the heavier stuff started coming down (I'm just south of you :) ).

    Hope your IT band issues clear up. I hate running pains!