Sunday, March 17, 2013

There is one good thing about all this cold weather.

So yesterday I was thinking about how shitty this weather is.   It's 12 degrees out right now to prove just how much it still sucks.    I was thinking about how my runs outside were in beautiful weather at this time last year.   I was out on trails in the sun thinking about wonderful things and how wonderful life is.  

That is until I heard that familiar bird call and turn around to see this swooping at my head. 

I haven't encountered one of these assholes yet but I really do not look forward to it.    Now I'm really torn on if it's such a bad thing that spring is taking it's time on getting here.  

In other news, I did nothing very fun for St. Patty's Day.   I did have to work and when you have to work on a holiday, it's great to get a text that you are allowed to wear green to work when your dress code usually consists of black shirt and black pants.  

It wasn't all that bad.   I got to work with one of my favorite people in the world.  

Today I have 12 miles on the schedule.   Like I previously mentioned, it's 12 degrees out.   I'm not sure if I should wait it out and maybe get it in later or try to knock them out on the treadmill at the 90 degree room at the gym.   You just can't win.


  1. I feel ya. It was 20 degrees when I headed out this morning for 13 miles. For me, the anticipation of having to run in this shitty cold again was worse than actually doing it. Hope your 12 were great - whichever mode you chose!

  2. You look adorable!

    I saw TWO red winged blackbirds this morning, love... Despite the cold, theyre here. Where the heck is spring!?


  3. I'm having the same dilemma right now! I don't enjoy long runs below the freezing point, I think it's called a freezing point for a reason. Good luck!

  4. Cute post! Erica

  5. Usually spring slowly comes in Feb. in Germany, but this year we´re still running in the snow. Even the snowdrops have their difficulties to rise....
    Meanwhile you think about the upcoming heat of the summer you can enjoy the cold.


  6. I love your outfit! So cute.