Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas and Post Christmas Happenings

I really don't have a big post to write.  Way to draw you in, right?  So I will just tell you what has been happening!  Last time I left you having with my children having Strep.  Thankfully they were no longer contagious or sick feeling on Christmas.   It was a Christmas miracle and we were able to celebrate in our normal fashion of eating too much and drinking booze (for us old folk).

Santa arrived first at our house.

The kids got a lot of great gifts from Mike and I and also Santa.   They were pretty good kids this year.

Then we went to the inlaws.  Sorry no pictures from there.  I did take a picture at my parents house though.  This was before anyone else got there and before all the loud chaos.

It was a good Christmas.  The kids were happy and I think they got everything they wrote on their lists to Santa.   Kenzie even wrote a list to Santa for Foster, our cat.  Santa came through and got Foster and Angelo a present too.

This weekend was a weak long run.   All of us were pretty dang tired on Saturday so we took a step back week and did an easy 6.   At the end we all felt pretty good and sort of felt bad about cutting it short but this entire training cycle we had not taken a step back week so it is what it is.   We start and end at a cafe and the best part is getting chai tea every single week after.    It's not good when you open your cup to find it this empty before you even took a drink out of it.  

I also have done a good amount of shopping this weekend.   I live in a smaller city and we have a pretty great, small down town.  It's small shops and specialty stores but they carry a lot of great stuff.  On Saturday I shopped down there and also went to the mall.   This is how your items look when you buy them from our small downtown.   They were from two different stores and both did their own thing!

Today I went to TJ Maxx/Home Goods.  I love that store so much.   They have the most unique and affordable stuff out there.   The one thing I came to the conclusion of is that I have certain style and I tend to stick to it.   I went to try on clothes, only to realize I was pretty much already wearing what I was about to try on.

My thighs touch #shouldhavestuckmyassoutfurther

And I bought it.  It had 3/4 sleeves.  It will be great for spring!

Do you tend to stick to the same style of clothes?  I don't think my style ever changes.


  1. the dressing room picture is hilarious because i do this all the time! i mean, if it works for you, go with it!!!

  2. hahaha yeah I have been there in the fitting room! Too funny! I hate when coffee shops short me on my drinks like that!