Monday, December 16, 2013 I have this blog...

That I have been neglecting lately.   All this means is that I am not neglecting life.   No one wants to hear about how busy I am but honestly, that's pretty much the main reason why there has been a lack in my blog posts.   With the holidays around us, there have been several parties, programs, events etc that have been taking my my extra time.   It's not over yet either!  I actually had the thought yesterday that I couldn't wait until after Christmas because then it slows down, but really it's not until about 2 weeks after the holidays that I feel relief.  My dads birthday is two days after Christmas, then you have New Years Eve and New Years day and then my 30th 29th birthday is on January 8th.

After their concert last week.

Winter running is in full effect.   I normally turn into a wimp and run on the treadmill but this past weekend I think I had my first snowy run.   Not just a dusting either.   We were slipping and sliding with each step of our 7.5 mile run.  Our paces were ridiculously slow but the effort was totally there.   It was a good time though and we start and end at a coffee shop so we get to enjoy a nice, hot cup of chai tea after.   It's perfect.

I am signed up for the Ice Breaker Half Marathon in January.   It's an indoor marathon and you run around a track 47ish times.   I have never done a race like this and it's either going to be great, or I am going to hate it.   I like the fact that weather has no factor in it.  You have no wind, no rain, no snow, no hot or too cold temps.  It's a balmy 50 degrees in there.   You do not have to carry your water bottle.   They have a table that you can tell them that you want your water bottle at and they will have it ready for you on your next lap.   I just wonder how I will feel running the same track over and over again.   I do have several friends running it too so I am sure we will pass or be passed by each other a few times too so there is the push of friends to help you too.  

Tonight is the last night of this boot camp session.  I can completely tell that it has made me stronger and I am hoping they will have a time available next session that will work with my schedule.   Mikes hours are changing at work and it's sort of changing everything.  Tuesday is the Ugly Sweater Fleet Feet run.  Finally it should be over 20 degrees for a run.   These temps have been terrible lately.  Almost every run has been in the sub 10 degree range and sub zero range if you count the wind chill.   They just said on the news the temps right now are -9 degrees and that's Fahrenheit, not Celsius.  I am over it.  It's only December.


  1. I feel you on the blog neglecting. It's so hard to keep up with it when there are other (usually more fun!) things to do. I'm interested to hear about your indoor half. I think I wouldn't mind it with enough good music. The only thing I would worry about is injuring myself by taking the turns too tight or something dumb like that.

  2. Your bday is 3 days before mine - yay Capricorns!

    That half marathon sounds awesome for being climate controlled, but 47 times...IDK if I could handle that. I can barely eek out 25 for a 5K at the local rec center.