Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years and Long Run

I kept meaning to post about new years but it kept passing me by and so now I'm the best blogger out there blogging about it on the 5th of January.   It wasn't a very exciting new years.  It was actually pretty darn tame.   Mike was working so I stayed home with my little ladies.   We got bored so we went over to my mom and dads house to hang out and eat all their junk food.

We even played a very competitive game of marbles.

We ended up in bed well before the ball drop and called it a night.  The next day I had a 5k with the local running group.   I was just starting to get over a cold so I was pretty miserable for it and it was also about 2 degrees out that morning.

I thought I was getting over my cold but this the past few days I've had some other symptoms start to come back and then my face was hurting and my top molars are hurting too.   I know this happens to me with sinus issues but was hoping it was just something that would pass.  

Yesterday morning was supposed to be cold and windy so my running friends made a plan to go to a gym and run on treadmills together instead of running with the usual running group.   We were excited to be able to wear tanks and shorts again but I know ten miles on the treadmill is anything but fun.

It is impossible to run and take a clear picture.  I also almost fell of the treadmill in the process.
We broke it up in two and did 5, hopped of the treadmill, refilled water, stretched and did 5 more.   It was pretty uneventfully boring but it was nice to have the conversation of friends.   It was a slow run for me and I think it jump started this stupid sinus stuff again.   I wasn't able to do any snot rockets or spit in the gym so I held it all in.  

Last night I had a terrible sore throat and then this morning I woke up and half of it was swollen and sore.   My sinuses are out of control now as well and so I'm pretty sure it's safe to say I have a full blown sinus infection now.  

Tomorrow it is supposed to be a high of -12 (that's a negative in front of the 12!) and school was already cancelled for the girls.   Unfortunately for me, I still have to go to work.  Wednesday is also my birthday.  It's one birthday I really wasn't looking forward to.  It's the big 30.   Gross.   I don't want it.

How cold is it where you are?  I really am dreaming of some nice 30-40 degree weather to run in again!


  1. Here in Germany today we´ve warm 12 Celsius....not so nice in the middle of the winter....But perhaps better than your extreme cold one.
    A happy New Year and get well soon !!!


  2. It's 40 now but supposed to be below zero tonight! So weird! I can't even scratch my knee without nearly falling off the treadmill so I am impressed. 30 is great! Don't fear this glorious decade!