Friday, May 30, 2014

Random Numbered Post

This is my attempt at a post.   I am hitting some major writers block when it comes to the blog right now.   I am just so busy blah blah blah and no one wants to hear about it.

1.  I am working full time.   I never intended to work full time right now but to train me for the position, I have to be full time for now.   It's been about 3 weeks of full time and I'm dying.   Don't get me wrong.   I'm happy to have a job and I'm happy with my job but I am going from student only to student and full time work and it's a big change.    Help me!

2.  I just got my syllabus for the Anatomy and Physiology class I am taking this summer and I just about died.   Then I picked up my books and died a bit more on the inside.   I opened the book and had no idea what I was reading and my brain just went numb.   The class doesn't officially start until tomorrow but the email I woke up to on Tuesday (everyone's Monday) said "This is a very face paced class and I urge everyone to keep on track."  

3.   The kids only have one week of school left.   Then things will really get interesting.   We always go through the first couple of weeks making adjustments.   The kids get all excited to be out of school and then they realize how boring it really is so then they just attempt to drive me crazy with all the "Can we go somewhere?!" "Can you take us to Grandmas to swim?" "I have nothing to do!"  I am watching The Wonder Years on Netflix right now and when Kevin Arnold said that to his dad, his dad got him a job mowing the neighbors lawn all summer.    I think I need to take up this strategy.   Then they will never tell me how they have nothing to do ever again.

4.  I am not running this week.   I ran on Saturday and Tuesday and my foot has some really weird pain so I'm stopping now and going to take a full week off.   I think my body will be happy anyway since I just finished training for the Green Bay Marathon.    It's always hard not to run though and you feel like such a lazy person but I am still lifting so at least I have that.    I went two weeks without lifting much (only two days) and then this week I went back into it beast mode and now my whole body feels broken.   It's crazy how fast your body forgets.

I think that's it.   All of that is pretty much taking up my entire life right now.   My biggest problem is this:   When you work 8-5, when exactly do you call companies, make appointments, or get anything done?   By the time you get out of work, everything is closed.    I get a 30 minute lunch but to be honest, I pretty much take all of the time to eat, pee and walk to and from the OB/GYN clinic I am currently working in.


  1. I hope your classes go well! I have been thinking about taking an anatomy class, but I think it would be really difficult! There is just so much to learn!

    Sigh. I don't know how 8-5ers fit that stuff in unless you work in a business area, or take time off. I get every other Friday off, so save that stuff for then, or take leave.

    I hope your body feels better soon!

  2. Will you still be working full-time this summer?