About Me

Hello my name is Sarah!  I am a some what stay at home mom to two beautiful girls.  I have been married since 2002 and the young age of 18.  I was destined for domestication!

I live in Wisconsin and have most of my life.  There was a brief time in 2003-2004 that Mike and I  lived in Oklahoma but it wasn't for us!  We moved back home as soon as the Army would let us.

In my extra time I love to run.  It's my new found obsession that has taken over my life.  I have a dream to run a half marathon next year and I know I will do it!  Until then, 5k's it is.  My other job is being a cocktail waitress for a comedy club.  As you can imagine, that in itself is quite entertaining!

I hope you take a look around my blog and find some delicious recipes to try!